Measuring Your Laptop’s Screen Size

One of the biggest problems when purchasing laptop bags is the choice of the right size in order the laptop can be placed safely in the bag. This fact is important because if a bag is bigger than the laptop size, the last will be loose to move in the bag. So your laptop will suffer from sliding, bumping, scratching, for instance. And on the contrary, if the bag is too small, it won’t do a favor to the owner. For this reason, to choose the best and appropriate bag, you should know the size of your laptop. But actually more and more people are confused because they don’t know how to measure a laptop screen size correctly.

Let’s consider some tips. The monitor is a device that gives information in text or graphic format. One of the main characteristics of the device is the screen size. Note that the size is indicated in the model name and the measurement is made in inches. To get a single number, you should make a measurement of the screen diagonally.

Diagonal is the distance between the two corners of the monitor. When measuring, do not take the diagonal of the frame, only measure the distance between the corners of the screen. In other words, you must measure the visible surface of the matrix liquid crystal display (LCD) or CRT monitor. You do not need a special measuring tool, all you need is a measuring tape.

With the help of a measuring tape you can get the value of the visible screen diagonal. If you want to know the value of this parameter with the passport of the device, you should remember that the measurement value may differ from the factory indications.  The difference arises because the frame hides a certain part of the screen. Moreover , such a measuring value may be indicated on the device or in the full name of the model. For example, Philips 220WS indicates a diagonal size of 22 inches. The full name may be present on the frame of the device, the packaging box or you can find it in the operating system properties.

Remember the fact that all laptops are different, there are hundreds of different models, and even if the screen diagonals (that is measured in inches and is usually taken to size indicators – 10, 11, 15, 18 inches) of two different laptops coincide, their physical sizes may differ significantly (sometimes by 1-3 centimeters). And it goes without saying that you have to put not only the screen but the laptop entirely. So keep in mind that to know the size of the diagonal of the laptop screen (for example, 17 “or 13.3”) is not enough. To avoid unwanted problems, you should also find out the laptop physical dimensions. What is more, if you happen to take measures in centimeters, in order to get true measurements you must multiply the value by 2.54, i.e. 1 cm is 2.54 inch.

And be sure that such two laptop measurement types as screen size and physical dimensions will help you when you are purchasing a laptop bag.

Maybe that’s all for now. You have already known how to find out your laptop screen size; that’s why share the information with others because we ought to help each other and enjoy buying a bag for your laptop knowing all the shades.

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