What to Take in the Gym?

Almost everyone forgot something when going to the gym. Have you experienced such feelings? You are going to train hard in a good mood but suddenly you realize that you’ve forgotten some necessary things. May it be a T-shirt (you can remain a sweater, for instance), but what if it’s your shorts?

Despite the fact that every sports bag is unique and reflects the goals of the owner, there is set of things any sportsman must have in it.  There won’t be any agonizing arrangements and questions what to take in the sports bag. Your bad will always be ready and the training wont’ be clouded by the thought that you have forgotten something at home.

Well, due to this article you will never forget anything! What should you have in the gym bag? Let’s consider.


First you need to choose the right bag. It should be spacious enough, preferably a sports bag. As a rule, such a bag has a very convenient strap to throw it over the shoulder. Pay attention to its zip fasteners, they should be reliable.

Bathroom Supplies

Almost all gyms have showers. Sometimes there is even a sauna. Shower is very relaxing after a workout. Bring your own shampoo, shower gel, at least, a bar of soap. Do not forget to take a shower puff. You should definitely take your flip-flops for shower! They are a must-have! Otherwise, you can “catch” a fungus.

Do not forget to bring a towel. It is not pleasant to wipe with a T-shirt. Take your clean underwear.


First of all, sports clothes should be comfortable and fit you. Remember that the most important is comfort but not fashion. Preferably if your sportswear is made of cotton because it is absorbing and doesn’t restrict movements.

If it’s cool in the gym, you can wear a jacket in the beginning of the training for your muscles to be warm.


You should choose good footwear. Make sure it is suitable for the kind of activity you do. Running in sandals can’t be comfortable under no circumstance. Besides, it looks unaesthetic. What is more, no sneakers without socks! Therefore, we recommend you to wear comfortable shoes and have a pair of socks.


You can easily find gloves for sports in any sports store. It is better that they are specialized. Typically, these gloves are made of either dense material on the palms or leather. Gloves help prevent callous and slipping the bar / dumbbell during the tugging or pull-ups and so on.

A small towel

Sometimes it’s very necessary. It really helps when you need to wipe the sweat from the forehead, for example.

Training Notes

Any goal must be put down on paper to see your progress, otherwise it is not a goal but a dream. Write down the following:

  • what you train (legs, chest / arms, back / shoulders);
  • the date of your training;
  • what exercise you do;
  • how many sets (including warm-up);
  • how many repetitions.

When you fix all the details carefully, you will quickly come to the goal.


A bottle of water is also a must-have. It is necessary to replenish the electrolyte balance while training in the gym.


A lot of people believe that music motivates perfectly. The main condition is to choose the music you like. Match your own playlist to help you easier achieve you goal. You can use your mobile phone or player and don’t forget about the headphones.

Well, we hope you won’t stand over your empty bag any more not knowing what to take with you to the gym. So, prepare your gym bag and hurry up training!

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