How to Carry a Golf Bag

Golf is a lifestyle. It is the most ancient game in the world. There is a fact in history that in 1457 James I, the King of Scotland, forbade his people to play golf because all the warlords gave up archery trainings and spent their time playing golf.

Nowadays special attention is paid to the golf etiquette which is a basic policy – dress code and the rules of behavior (how to behave, whom you can talk to, how to stand, move and even look).

Golf is an Olympic sport. The fields are located in the most beautiful corners of our planet. Golf develops intelligence, physical education, and communication skills.

Taking into account all the written above, you should also pay attention to the items you need during the game. The main things are golf clubs, of course. You won’t be able to play without them. But the next question arises “How to carry Golf Clubs?”. Well, let us get all this straightened out.

The Benefits of Golf Bags

For carrying golf clubs you definitely need a bag. Except golf clubs, a player can put balls, markers, tee-pegs and some other thing (towels, umbrellas) in it. A bag doesn’t affect the outcome of the game but can have an impact on the player’s comfort and fatigue while playing.

There are two factors that determine which bag suits you best. They are how much equipment you are going to carry and whether you are going to carry the bag yourself or to use a cart or a caddy. If you use a cart, the weight of the bag does not matter. But if you plan to walk, you will probably need a lightweight bag.

There are a few kinds of bags for golf such as staff (tour) bags, cart bags and travel (carry) bags. Staff bags are the biggest among other golf bags. They have enough space for the full set of golf clubs (14 items) and there are a lot of pockets in it for other golf equipment. Cart bags are smaller than tour bags but they are too unhandy. They are supposed to be used in carts. Carry or travel bags are the smallest bags meant for the essentials such as golf clubs, balls and a few other small accessories. They are the best choice for those who prefer carrying the bag themselves.

How to Use Golf Bags

So, if you have bought a carry bag, you’ll wonder how to carry it for your comfort. Here some tips for you:

  • Put the bag on the ground.
  • If you are left-handed, put the bag on the right and on the left if you are right-handed.
  • Grasp the strap connected with the bag and pick up it on the shoulder. The thick part of the sling must lie on the shoulder. The bag will sit perfectly it the straps are properly adjusted.
  • As the bag is on the shoulder, push the golf clubs with your hand (that is closer to the bag) in a way the end of the bag turns up.
  • When walking, keep your hand on the golf club heads on order they won’t knock against each other.
  • You can trim the bag bottom with the other hand.
  • The bag should hang almost directly behind the back.
  • You can also buy covers for golf clubs that are worn on their heads.

Golf provides a significant load on the arms, shoulders and back, so you will not probably want to give extra heavy yourself between swings. We hope this article has given you an idea of the right use of the golf bag.

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