Diaper Bag Stuff

Well, you have become a mother. It is the happiest time in your life. And it goes without saying that new responsibilities come with this happiness, so you have to be ready to take rough with the smooth. That is why a new mother must have the minimum stuff in her diaper bag.

What kind of bag should it be?  

A young mother’s bag must be spacious, first of all. Of course, if a baby carriage has some space for children’s stuff, the mother’s bag may be small, but then it will be needless at all. There are a variety of diaper bags on the market. These bags allow your hands always remain free. And you care about your baby but not about the bag!

What should a diaper bag contain?

It’s another question that disturbs new moms.Diapers. They are the first necessity to have in a diaper bag. When you are going out, decide how long your walk will be, how old your kid is and make up your mind how many diapers you need.  But take one or two more diapers than you think you will need.


If you want your kid to be clean and dry during walking, don’t forget to pack a bag of wet wipes and paper towels. They are needed to clean your own hands before and after diaper duty. Also, remember about diaper cream or ointment. It’s better to coat a layer of ointment to protect the skin from diaper rash or if it is, you need to soothe the kid’s bottom. By the way, changing pads are helpful too. When you have to change diapers, use changing pads to protect your kid from dirty surfaces, and what is more, these pads prevent diaper leaks from spilling over the changing area. The other must-haves are a burping cloth and a bib. You know that every time you feed the baby, burping is inevitable. So, a burping cloth will help you avoid soiling your clothes and baby’s. As for the bib, it’s practical in mopping up the spills of feeding time or when your infant is teething, a bib becomes an essential item.

If your baby is used to sucking a soother, take 2 items in case it will fall on the ground.

Food and Drink

If your baby is fed not only with your breast milk but baby formula too, you can take one bottle of formula with you. Then the kid can eat with an appetite in the open air and you can continue your walk. And undoubtedly, your bag should definitely contain some drink (water, juice, tea) of the right temperature. In order to keep the food and drink in the right temperature, you can use a special thermos that requires more space in the diaper bag.


Take your child’s favourite toys. They can distract him while walking and he will not be bored.

On the whole, a spacious bag should not have the set of departments inside, but it must have an outside pocket which can be used for personal mom’s items such as a phone, a purse, keys and many more. As you see, a correctly chosen bag will make you forget about unaesthetic packets for baby necessities. Do not be afraid of such must-have quantity! Soon you will get used to packing all the baby’s necessities fast and compact, so you will not feel any discomfort and always be ready for any baby’s surprises.

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