Dog Backpack…What is It and What to Put in It?

If your dog is not just a friend but a faithful companion and helper, a dog backpack is a necessary part of the dog’s wardrobe and equipment in your house. It is useful for trips to the store, for active walks and hiking. On the way to the training you don’t need to carry a backpack with toys and treats. Your own dog can do it itself.

Backpacks for dogs are made of waterproof material, have a lining and are equipped with fasteners for a reliable setting on the dog’s back. They may also have zippers and Velcro fasteners. That is why your dog can carry the backpack without damage to its health.

For example, while walking, your pet can bear a load increasing physical exercises. The animals expend more energy spending less time. Backpacks may be used instead of load straps for training and building-up physique. The main rule is to choose the right size and to spread load correctly. However, it’s better to begin such walks with an empty backpack for your dog get used to it.

By the way, backpacks may have a sedative effect on dogs, i.e. some dogs feel calm and comfort if their body is slightly pressed like man’s embraces.

When you have chosen a backpack, you can pack it but not more than 25% of the dog’s weight. The load must be distributed uniformly by weight and the greater part of it should be spread across dog’s shoulders decreasing the load on the back. It’s also better to avoid great load on coupling.

There are some tips to remember when the dog carries a backpack:

  • Tricky areas and the places where it is particularly important to coordinate movements and agility, the dog should pass without a bag;
  • Dogs are excellent actors and able to pretend to be the most tired in the world. Every owner knows the nature of his dog and should understand if his dog is pretending or it is really tired and can’t carry the bag. In any case, be ready to carry your dog’s load (or a part of it);
  • Do not forget to check the condition of the skin and fur under the backpack, make sure that the backpack doesn’t rub. Remember that a dog cannot say about its inconveniences.
  • And finally, let your dog run free, so that it can relax the muscles and enjoy the trip.

And let us say a few words about the contents of the backpack. If an owner involves his dog in his trips, hiking, so the dog can carry its own things such as food or a bottle of water. Service dogs, for example, can carry a walkie-talkie, a camera, different electronic devices and the first aid kit.

Well, now you know how to increase the effectiveness of dogs’ daily walks using backpacks and enjoy your walks with your pet friend.

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